Things To Be Achieved in 2017

Hi friends,

It’s 2017 already.

I never made any concrete resolutions at the beginning of the previous years. Although, I still tried to seize some plans accordingly at that year. I don’t think that it’s a must for myself, because I’m not really sure whether it can be fulfilled or not.

But starting from 2017, I think I want to start a new thing: 

Draw up and carry out an annual resolution.

I’ll start from the easiest, that is, things that have to be achieved this year. Things that can not be delayed until the very next year because it can shift many important things and plans in my life and my family. 

What is this easiest but important things?

First thing first, it’s something relate to indoor farming. 

In the second place, is a plan to visit Finland and Estonia in the summer. Several technology startup events held there are very bustle in that season. Maybe it’s because the friendly and comfort air and environment.

What about you? Do you already compile your resolutions list? 😀

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